Holy Resurrection Basketball is part of the Direct Archdiocesan District Athletic League. You can find more information about the League, including rules and other information at Learn More »

With its objective of enhancing the spiritual experience of our parishioners, the Holy Resurrection Choir joyfully leads the congregation in singing the beautiful hymns of our Church on Sundays and on many major holidays throughout the year. Learn More »

St. Catherine’s Philoptochos chapter conducts various fund-raising activities to benefit national, regional, and local philanthropic charities and programs. The following is a list of charities that St. Catherine’s Philoptochos supports. Learn More »

Our Mission Holy Resurrection Greek School’s mission is a student - centered education with an emphasis on rich Hellenic traditions and values. Building a strong foundation of Greek language, faith, and culture, we enhance self and therefore, community. Ultimately, our students are fortified with deeply rooted pride, understanding and a dedication to celebrating our Greek Orthodox heritage. Learn More »

Our youth mission as church and parents is to cause a child to identify as an Orthodox Christian. We know that we must struggle to accomplish this God-given mission. Our society, our schools, our media no longer emphasize God, faith, values and morality. Parents have to constantly confront the teachings of the world. We pray that our children will mature as children of God’s Kingdom and work and succeed in this world as Christians. Parents would be wise to take advantage of the help Sunday School gives in their efforts to create a strong Christian family. Learn More »

Our Youth Ministries strive to involve the youth of our parish in the various religious, social, cultural and athletic programs that are available; to actively promote the parish youth programs and to increase participation therein; to coordinate the calendar of activities among the various youth groups; to open the lines of communication among and between the leaders of the various youth groups; to seek parental input and assistance in the planning and operation of the various programs. Learn More »