January 1, 2020

Dearest Holy Resurrection Family,

Happy and Blessed New Year 2020! 

It is a great joy for me to communicate with you during this festive time of our Lord's Nativity.This Christmas it seemed to me that the most popular word spoken was not Christ, but gift. Everyone spoke about the gifts they were giving or the gifts they were receiving. Many people believe that the idea of giving gifts at Christmas began with the wise men bringing their presents to the Baby Jesus. Gift giving does begin in the Bible, however. It wasn’t the wise men that gave the first Christmas gift.

It was God Himself!

One of the most famous verses in the Bible says it like this: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16 NKJV). Jesus was the original Christmas gift.

In the weeks and months ahead we are preparing to take a sacred step forward in the life of our blessed community. God has called us to make Holy Resurrection Church a spiritual oasis for all generations and all people. By saying yes to God's call, you will join us in laying a new foundation for our ministries that will forever shape and change not only the lives of our young people but also the world around us. You will help us begin to nurture and inspire new disciples of Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus means being someone who sees far beyond a parochial perspective of the church and who is eager to share and spread Christ's saving message. A disciple of Jesus does not view his local church as the center of the universe but rather, the entire universe as their Church.

Today, therefore my beloved, I invite you all to rethink your calling to be disciples of Jesus. Today, I invite you to join in our effort to transform the future of Holy Resurrection and to redefine the true potential of an Orthodox Church in the 21st century. Through your support, you will assist us in bringing the saving message of Christ to every parishioner not only in Brookville, but in Nassau County and beyond. Please help us actualize our sacred mission!

Remember, my beloved, that God is not concerned with the amounts or percentages we offer. Truthfully, God could fund whatever ministry, whatever project we were raising funds for in an instant. After all, He changed the world using 12 mere fishermen. Thus, He doesn’t need our church to do what he wants to do in the world. God is far more interested, rather, in how we give and why we give. So while I encourage all of us to give, I pray that whatever we give we give in faith and from the heart knowing that ultimately, "every perfect gift is from above, coming down from You [God] the Father of Lights…" (Divine Liturgy St. John Chrysostom).

Let us, therefore, give in the same way and in the same spirit as our Lord gave to us first!

Wishing you and your loved ones all of God's abundant blessings in the New Year, I remain


Always in the light and joy of the Risen Lord,

Fr. Panteleimon Papadopoulos





Question:         Is our stewardshipmodel a dues-based approach?

Answer:           No The commitment for each parishioner shall be in the traditional Stewardship model whereas        each parishioner is asked to give from their heart as it relates to Time, Talent and Treasure- all of which are vital to the continued growth of our Church.


Question:         Is there a suggested amount for Commitment of Treasure?

Answer:        When it comes to financial support of Our Lord's Church, the biblical ideal is a tithe, 10% of one’sincome. In this area of stewardship, one of the most important steps to consider is to become an “intentional giver”-as opposed to a “loose change giver.” An intentional giver is one who has the willing diligence to  "do the math,” that is, to look at his/her annual income and thencheerfully, and sacrificially, decide what gift from His own gift, should be set aside for the support of Our Lord's Church.                                                                                                     

May we recommend to start with  2%, and move to the Right






































Question:         Why should I increase my sacrificial giving?

Answer:           Based on our current model of sacrificial giving, our Stewardship program has historically coveredapproximately 31% ofour operating budget. A healthy Stewardship program covers 60% of theoperating budget.Your increased sacrificial giving will allow the Church to focus on ministry efforts (i.e. youth programs, spiritual & Hellenic growth, fellowship, philanthropy) as opposed to our current model of constant fund raising in order to meet the day to day needs of the Church. Even a small increase from each of us, has a tremendous impact.


Question:         How is the 2020 budget compared to 2019?

Answer:           The Parish Council has reduced the 2020 budget by evaluating every line item and renegotiating our recurring expenses. Our budget for2019, was $1,131,890 and the approved budget for 2020 is $1,046,582.


Question:         When should I pledge?

Answer:           We would like our parishioners to pledge as early in the year as possible. This way, we have a better understanding of our stewardship income and we can plan fundraising accordingly.

To become a steward call 516-671-5200