Epic evening with Stelios Dionisiou

Stelios Dionisiou with Fr. Panteleimon Papadopoulos, Stephanie Clark, Julie Tsoumpariotis, Ted Livanos, Jimmy Xanthos and Agni Kaloumenou
Stelios Dionisiou with Fr. Panteleimon, Stephanie Clark, Julie Tsoumpariotis, Ted Livanos, Jimmy Xanthos and Agni Kaloumenou

Brookville, NY – With just shy of 500 people in attendance marking the largest indoor event organized by our church in over two decades, Holy Resurrection hosted a blessed event entitled, “A Night to Remember with Stelios Dionisiou” on October 15, 2022 at the Hilton in Melville, NY. After an almost two-year hiatus, our church family once again gathered for an unforgettable epic evening of the highest quality Christian fellowship and fantastic Greek music with all the proceeds going towards our Expansion Project. From all over the tri-state area people gathered to the event to show their support for a project which, with the help of God, will directly benefit and shape the lives of countless young people.

The evening opened with Miss. Rania Aniftos, a Los Angeles-based music journalist and child of Holy Resurrection, sharing her memories of how profoundly her church shaped her formative young adult years. She said, “this community allowed me to come out of my shell, make lifelong friends, and gave me the spiritual foundation upon which I have built my life. I felt loved, I felt supported, I felt embraced, I felt inspired, I felt part of a very special church family at Holy Resurrection.” These words resonated with those in attendance as they witnessed living proof of how a community can impact the lives of her youth.

Following her remarks Fr. Panteleimon spoke about the important moment in history that God has called our community to bring the great dream of our faithful to fruition. He thanked those in attendance expressing that their mere presence was a powerful witness of their solidarity and support for this sacred Expansion Project. He said, “While there is a tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done to complete this project, we feel renewed and strengthened by the outpouring of love and support we see here tonight. Thank you all so much for being here tonight and please come and see what your support has helped bring to life!” Father closed his remarks by thanking the three co-chairs, Julie Tsoumpariotis, Ted Livanos, and Jimmy Xanthos and their whole team for their extraordinary and tireless work to make the event so special.

At once the celebration began with Agni Kaloumenou opening the evening with her bright personality and gifted voice. People took to the dance floor and the venue was filled with joy and fellowship. Following Agni, Stelios Dionisiou took center stage and lifted the joy even more filling the room with excitement and bliss. He spoke to the people and promised to come to the blessing of the new facility once completed. He encouraged everyone to embrace this project and support it from their hearts regardless of their connection to the community since it was for the benefit of children. He elevated the whole room with his personality and eloquent voice. An truly epic performance !

The community of Holy Resurrection remains committed to completing this project and wishes to express, once again, their profound thanks to all those who came and supported their Expansion Project. If you wish to offer a gift to the Expansion Project and be part of our sacred effort to build a better tomorrow for our children and the generations that will follow, please click the link below!

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